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Hardgainer Workout Tip - Training To Failure Sucks!

September 24, 2008 by John Wheeler · 3 Comments
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If you’ve read any of the bodybuilding magazines you’ll no doubt have come across the idea of training to failure in your hardgainer workouts.

I’m going to tell you right now that training to failure is the SUREST way to FAIL in your efforts to gain muscle as a hardgainer.


Let me ask you a question…have you tried to sprint 400 metres around a track as fast as you can? You’ll probably get 3/4 of the way round before you start gasping for air and barely able to keep up the same pace. Well, the same thing happens when you train to failure in your workouts. You’ll get too tired too quickly and won’t be able to get the most out of your remaining exercises.

As I said in my previous post, the classic hardgainer should look to minimise the time they spend in the gym but maximise the productivity of each exercise - by doing this you train hard and intensely, but avoid the need or temptation to work to failure.

Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Program goes into great depth on the right and wrong ways to train for hardgainer workouts, and he is a great believer in the “get in, get out” philosophy.

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3 Responses to “Hardgainer Workout Tip - Training To Failure Sucks!”
  1. fitness expert Says:

    I agree that No Nonsense Muscle Program is great at explaining this. I’ve also read a few studies in NSCA Journal that indicate that people who trained to failure did gain a small amount more than the people who didn’t go to failure, so going to failure may not produce as good of results than taking the approach you suggest.

  2. Weight lifting tips Says:

    I agree as well. Although i never thought of that, i was a small guy myself and i went from 120 to almost 170 by training to failure, i bet it would have happend alot quicker had i done it a bit different

  3. John Wheeler Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys

    I think the key is to strike the right balance. In my experience some hardgainers get put off training to failure in their workouts, but take it to the extreme and don’t work out hard enough to stimulate their muscle growth.

    Going to the other extreme is no good either (what i mention above) - i.e. training to failure so that you can barely finish a workout, and end up “cheating” on your routine because you put too much in too early.

    Ideally you want to be pushing yourself in your hardgainer workouts and expending enough effort to be pushing the boundaries of your strength and muscle size with each and every workout.

    fitness expert - thanks for the tip about the NSCA studies. I’ll check them out :)

    All the best,

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