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Hardgainer Workout - What’s A Good Hardgainer Workout Routine?

September 16, 2008 by John Wheeler · Leave a Comment
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“What’s a good hardgainer workout routine for skinny guys and gals who struggle to gain¬†muscle mass and weight?”

Finding the right hardgainer workout is never an easy challenge. Flicking through¬†the endless number of bodybuilding magazines at your local store won’t get you very far either…why’s that, you ask? Well, the majority of workouts and routines that you find in the magazines are not designed for the hardgainer (or ectomorph). Loads of reps and isolation exercises are not the way to gain muscle mass and weight for the serious hardgainer…in fact they’ll probably turn you into an exhausted wreck.

So, what should we hardgainers be doing to build mass quickly? Here’s an article I wrote on what you need to doing to get the best out of your hardgainer workouts

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