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Ectomorph Workout - Are Supplements Necessary For An Ectomorph Workout?

December 1, 2008 by John Wheeler · 2 Comments
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Are supplements necessary in an ectomorph workout?

This is actually an important question. Many ectomorphs when they first start performing a regular workout wonder whether they should be taking supplements, how many, what kinds, etc. etc.

While supplements are fine and can be beneficial, they are not the panacea of bodybuilding and gaining muscle that the magazines would have us believe.

Supplements Are Just That…Something To Supplement Your Diet

I believe that too much emphasis is placed on the importance and value of supplements in modern bodybuilding - the supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry so you can understand the proliferation of hype.

However, in correct proportion, supplements can be beneficial in an ectomorph workout. Supplements should only be used as the name suggests - to supplement your diet, and provide your muscles with the nutrients that it is too difficult to consume in your normal meals. Sticking to a good Protein supplement is often more than enough for beginners and intermediates.

You Can Gain Muscle Without Supplements

You can actually gain muscle without the use of supplements at all. Look at Charles Atlas, he was once regarded as having the world’s best body, and he never took any supplements. But, the key is in having a fantastic diet focused on protein-rich and carbohydrate-rich foods, with a healthy supply of good fats.

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