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3 Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast!

July 21, 2008 by John Wheeler · 6 Comments
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Did you know that there are some foods that burn belly fat fast?

Now, this goes against the grain of most diets and most people’s ideas about dieting, but hey, we like to tell it like it is. And anyway, sometimes the only way to succeed IS to go against the grain.

Why do you think most people fail when dieting? It’s ‘cos they’re being told that starvation and deprivation is the way forward. Hardly ever are they told to actually eat MORE, or at least MORE regularly.

The new weight loss and body transformation program Your Six Pack Quest recommends you eat around SIX smaller meals a day, in order to keep your metabolism running at a consistent level and thus avoiding the ups and downs throughout the day, which will help you to avoid snacking. Plus, if during those meals you include some fantastic foods that burn belly fat fast then you’ll supercharge your fat loss success, and you’ll be well on your way to your six pack quest.

Here are 3 foods that burn belly fat fast:

1/ Oatmeal

This is top of the list of fat burning foods, and you’ll find it in the cupboards of nearly all bodybuilders and fitness models.

It’s greatness comes from it’s complex mix of carbohydrate, protein and good fat. The low glycemic index (GI), combined with the presence of protein and fat makes oatmeal a very slowly released carb – exactly what you’re looking for when you want to burn belly fat fast.

2/ Potatoes (white or red)

Potatoes have an undeserved bad reputation when it comes to fat loss diets. However, they’re a complex carb, filling, low in calories, and full of fibre. Just make sure you don’t load them with butter, bacon, mayo, cheese or anything like that, as you’ll be undoing all the good work.

Potatoes are great for burning belly fat fast

3/ Green fibrous vegetables

Veg like broccoli, green beans, asparagus, lettuce, etc, are excellent foods that burn belly fat fast. These fibrous carbs contain hardly any calories, so it’s almost impossible to overeat on them. Eating them late in the day is more beneficial, and combining them with lean protein like free-range chicken breast will burn that belly fat fast.

For a complete set of meal plans and the ultimate guide to foods that burn belly fat fast check out the Your Six Pack Quest program.

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6 Responses to “3 Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast!”
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    Lets face it. To build lean muscle and shred fat, a healthy diet rich in protein is an important part of your cardio and weight routine. And the harder you lift and work out, the more you need to replenish those proteins quickly, which is why the quality of your protein is important.

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